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Zoe Jakes - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

My inspiration today…


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mlem mlem mlem mlem


mlem mlem mlem mlem

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this dress is alllllll of my wants


this dress is alllllll of my wants

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I am swallowed upBy my own intensity.Digested by a fiery heartThat won’t calm.Where is the handTo quench the flame?I’ve been burningFor ages now.I’d surrender,If only I knew how…


I am swallowed up
By my own intensity.
Digested by a fiery heart
That won’t calm.
Where is the hand
To quench the flame?
I’ve been burning
For ages now.
I’d surrender,
If only I knew how…

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n. the inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like—as if all your social tastebuds suddenly went numb, leaving you unable to distinguish cheap politeness from the taste of genuine affection, unable to recognize its rich and ambiguous flavors, its long and delicate maturation, or the simple fact that each tasting is double-blind.
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